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the greatest space has no corners
the greatest form has no shapes
the truth hides in the unnamed
the tranquil heart has no dusts

Seasonal Wellness Therapy
Time 2hrs and 10mins
Including 20-minute Refreshment & Relaxation

The ritual begins with a Foot Milky Bath and a unique meditative breathing technique to let you unwind and relax. The treatment specifically uses red and yellow jade. These, when warmed, radiate natural energy, which heals the body, restores positive energy, and guides the body in quieting the senses. A Custom-Blended Massage Oil is used in combination with alternate applications of Warm Jade Purification and Chinese Tui Na Massages. To care for the liver and heart, the two combined massages are focused on the arms and legs. Warm Chinese herb pouches are then placed over the neck and shoulder areas to further deepen the soothing effect. Meanwhile, the introduction of abdomen and head massages help to relief pain, restore the balance of the liver and heart’s Qi, as well as rejuvenate the psyche, regaining health, and restoring authentic beauty.


Treatment includes

  • Shower
  • Foot Milky Bath
  • Meditative Breathing
  • Jade Purification Massage
  • Chinese Tui Na Massages 
  • Chinese Herb Pouches  
  • Refreshment and Relaxation