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the greatest space has no corners
the greatest form has no shapes
the truth hides in the unnamed
the tranquil heart has no dusts


with each breath
return to our root
descend into feeling

Scroll down mindfully
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round round growth rings
blue blue dark circles
counting the missing time
touching the visible fatigue

living veins
catch the wind and clutch the shadows
mixed colors
designed masks
the natural charm of one’s true self
starts from a pause
in this moment
self love begins

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the wind is blowing, leaves whispering
the greatest tone has no sounds
the greatest music dwells in the serenity of heart

do you hear?
urban life is an endless river
flowing water, murmuring
slaving away at arriving and departing
is clamour from the world
or the mind from within? 

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A gentle touch evokes
what is touched in the body
those tender memories
those forgotten sensations?

there is a tree inside everybody
a heartfelt massage
like an intimate hug after hug
hugging the tree of the heart
cuddling up the sleeping child inside
the heart of the tree

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The forest pine
through hundred thousands twists and turns
scents incarnate
picked up in every inhale
penetrating through the skin of the palm
descending deep into the lungs

Breathe slowly
inhale, exhale
feel the squeeze from ribs to lungs
quietly caressing and soothing the heart
lightly stroking the restless nerve jungle
every single breath is
a journey of self-healing

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Sweet sour bitter salty on buds
tiny little tastes in the heart
calm down, mind
even the air has its delicious flavor

Take a sip of tea
let it slowly flow into the throat 
bitter sweet
watering the roots of memory
nourishing the fruits of imagination

Take the time 
have some tea
remember a person
recall a story
pure taste of the presence
only for you, and your being
with the moment