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SPA Rituals

In staying true to our concept of [ Custom-Blended Skincare ] , SPA by MTM treatments are formulated with therapists' professional diagnosis of your physical and spiritual needs, where the most suitable aroma oils are prescribed to ensure every treatment reaches its maximum effect. Prepare to utterly de-stress, release, and recompose.

Body Contouring SPA Series

40mins - 2hrs session tailor-make solution to reshape your body contouring

Signature Program

1.5 - 3 hr of spa therapy, delicately taking care of your body and soul from heart to toe...

The Rejuvenation

A 2-hr-35min or 3hr-5min session to wake up every cell in your body, leaving you a refreshing mind.

The Revival

A 2-hr session to uplift your spirits and energize your body. You shall emerged invigorated after the ritual.


Self-select spa services to suit your very own feeling on that particular day.

1-hr-30min or 2-hr sessions to rejuvenate your body and soul; drift into sheer exaltation.

  • Aromatherapy Massage relieves bodily tension and strain
  • Swedish Massage effectively eases muscle fatigue
  • Chinese Acupressure focuses on meridian points to reduce muscle cramp
  • Tui Na restores the smooth flow of qi (energy)
  • Stress Release Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
  • targets neck and shoulders to relieve stress and fatigue
  • Lymphatic Massage enhances detoxification and balances your internal energy
  • Tibet Zensual Massage leads people to a spiritual Tibetan world V a peaceful, sweet dream and stress-free tranquility.
Body Treatment
Hand & Foot Treatment

Treat your hands and feet to some tenderness and nourishment.

Apart from total therapy packages, SPA by MTM also provides refreshing hand and foot care treatments, as well as soft waxing treatments.

Relish in the new epitome of exquisite Spa indulgence...
...let your body and soul take an unforgettable vacation without traveling...
...at the one and only SPA by MTM.


    SPA by MTMMTM Skincare